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Security Seals ISO/PAS 17712
Date: 2014/1/10 15:42:00

3.1.6 Cinch or Pull-Up— Cinch or pull-up seals are indicative seals. They consist of a thin strip of material, serrated or non-serrated, with a locking mechanism attached to one end. The free end is pulled through a hole in the locking mechanism and drawn up to the necessary tightness. Cinch or pull-up type seals may have multiple lock positions. These seals are generally made of synthetics such as nylon or plastic. They should not be compared to simple electrical ties.

3.1.7 Twist— Twist seals are made of steel rod or heavy gage wire of various diameters, which is inserted through the locking fixture and twisted around itself by use of a tool.

3.1.8 Scored— Scored seals consist of a metal strip which is scored perpendicular to the length of the strip. The strip is passed through the locking fixture and bent at the score mark. Removal of the seal requires bending at the score mark which results in breakage of the seal.

3.1.9 Label— Label seals are frangible seals consisting of a paper or plastic

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